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What is Your List of the Top 10 Tamil Movies Till Date?

What is Your List of the Top 10 Tamil Movies Till Date?

You might be on your weekends and hoping to watch some good Tamil movies to spend your time. You do not need to worry, as there are many Tamil movies that you can watch on the Aha streaming platform. In this guide, you will learn about my list of the top 10 Tamil movies and the movies you can watch on Aha.

Top 10 Tamil Movies List

The top 10 Tamil movies that you can watch on Aha are as follows:

  • Koogle Kuttapa
  • Payanigal Gavanikavum
  • Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal
  • Pothanur Thabal Nilayam
  • Payanigal Gavanikavum
  • Bhama Kalabam
  • Gurkha
  • Jilvi
  • Jail
  • Vaanam Kottatum
  • Bow Bow

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Top Three Movies You Need to Watch on Aha

The top three movies you must watch on the Aha streaming platform are as follows:

  • Koogle Kuttappa

This is a family drama film; the director is Guru Saravanan and Sabari. The cast includes K.S. Ravikumar, Tharshan, Losliya, Yogi Babu, Prankster Rahula and Suresh Menon. This film is set in a small town located close to Coimbatore, and Subramani, who just lost his wife and has turned old, wants his graduate son to live with him. But Adithya, who has a degree in Robotics Engineering, wants to work outside of India. Watch the film to know what happens next.

  • Pothanur Thabal Nilayam

This is another Tamil movie that you can watch on Aha, and it is a thriller movie. The director of this movie is Praveen, and the cast includes Praveen, Anjali Rao, Venkat Sundar, Jagan Krish, Seetharaman and many more. In this film, Praveen returns from the United States to launch a computer company in India and applies for loans from various institutions.

 The collected money is kept at the post office and gets stolen despite the best efforts of Praveen’s father to protect it. This causes a huge amount of distress to Praveen; watch this movie on Aha to learn what happens next.

  • Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal

This is another Tamil movie you need to watch, and Vishal Venkat directs it. The cast of this movie includes Ashok Selvan, Nasser, Manikandan.K, KS Ravikumar, Anju Kurain, Riythvika and many more. The main plot of this movie is about a car crash that changes the lives of four people, and each comes from a different background. This is a journey filled with regret, remorse and realization.

Aha – Your gateway to unlimited entertainment

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are many Tamil movies you can watch on Aha. Subscribe to Aha for your full dose of Tamil movie entertainment. Watch these top films with your friends and loved ones.

Mind-blowing Telugu web series streaming on aha

Mind-blowing Telugu web series streaming on aha

With many players providing OTT Streaming services, almost all of them are overloaded with English and Hindi content. So, the regional language contents find it hard to get a place. But with the changing time, the entertainment industry has enough Telugu content. Several web series and films are made to lift any mood of the audience. Close theatres in this pandemic have pushed the release of a number of movies. Since people are inside the homes, kinds of stuff on OTT platforms have become the savers. No doubt, Bollywood is rocking over these platforms by throwing back-to-back hit web series. PatalLok, Asur, Scam 1992, Aarya, and many more are some of the web series that have done well. But, the regional language web series are also breaking the boundaries and streaming on several platforms. Aha is one of the platforms that has come like a dream come true to Telugu movie lovers.

Coming up with several Telugu web series over various OTT platforms and the launch of new Telugu Streaming platforms has given reason to know that audiences are enjoying it. Whether it is a Telugu movie or a Telugu web series, both are enjoyed by the people. The reason behind this is their extraordinary stories and cast. Some of the Telugu web series that are worth watching are:


The story is about couples who are opposite and struggling with many problems in their relationship. Directed by Shiva Sai Vardhan is a romantic comedy-drama series.

NenuMeeKalyan: The web series narrates the story of a radio jockey called Kalyan, the role. How he deals with his routine work, love, and job is all about the series.

Aha NaaPellanta:

A women-centric series are dealing with marriage question marks. When should a girl get married? To whom she marries? These are some questions put inside the story. Bhargav and Gautami Krishnan direct the series. Jahnavi is playing the lead role.

MuddapappuAvakai: Directed by PranithBramandapally, the series says the story of a couple who fall in love before their arranged marriage. NiharikaKonidela and Pratap are playing a lead role in the series.


Pilla is Telugu urban comedy ten episodes web series based on premarital pregnancy. DhanyaBalakrishna and AnirudhThotapalli are playing lead roles in the series. PavanSadineni directs the series.

OTT platforms have a bright way to come and have proved in recent months. With the growing demand for content, other regional language contents are also available in the libraries of major players. But now, aha has made it possible to watch Telugu movies and web series online. The concept of the platform was initiated at the peak time when people were looking for an exclusive Telugu OTT platform. There several Telugu web series onlineavailable free as well as on premium. A single designation where you can find mind-blowing web series that can turn your low day and fill with joy.

The Best Animated Telugu Moveis For Kids

The Best Animated Telugu Moveis For Kids

The best-animated movies in Telugu for kids are screened on aha platforms. There is always a massive demand for animated films among kids and adults. The audience’s love for the best cartoon movies is continuously increasing. The thrill experience and fun of watching cartoon movies are the major highlights of viewers online. The online audience is growing nowadays due to extended holidays for kids and adults. They like movies that are best for kids’ knowledge and expectations. The worry of parental guidance is no more because the best-animated film isbased on kids. Watching online films like ChhotaBheem, Mighty Raju, and Lord Krishana is widely seen among kids and adults.

Why the kids often view animated movies in India? The kids like cartoon movies because it is easy to understand and that too those films are released in local language Telugu. Hence, their interest grew like wildfire among the audience. The story of the animated movies is based on good morals and is a base for a good life for kids. Hence, the kids follow those movies without fail. The animated film motivates the kids to fight against evil power in any form. Fight for the right is the basic mantra of kids when they watch animated movies. Moreover, the adrenaline power of the hero, namely ChhotaBheem is the main attraction of kids when they watch.

The cartoon films take the audience to another level of fantasy world and attract even a person who does not love cinema. The Indian animation movies in ott platforms are screened daily for the expectations of kids. The recent holiday times have been used by small kids watching many cartoon films that are tested on aha ott. The crystal transparent quality film and cost affordable features are making the viewers not to miss any animated movie. Exclusively, the animation industry has been gaining popularity throughout the world.

Many companies in the cinema industry have been coming forward to screen animated movies for kids. The kid’s population is the leading gainer by watching an exciting animated film so that they spend their time usefully. Nowadays, many Telugu producers are screening ChhotaBheem movies on OTT’s considering the massive demand among kids. They are earning a huge profit due to this screening movie. Many viewers do love online platforms to watch their favorite animated films.

In recent days there is a massive surge in the importance and development of animation movies online. Due to the expectations and interest among the audience for cartoon films, the animation industry growth is massive. Plenty of viewers are nowadays depending upon Ott’s for the movies that trigger their passion. The adventure stories are gaining the attention of the audience, and so you can see a repeated number of cartoon movies online.

Due to the development of online websites, the viewers are finding it easy to view cartoon movies without any trouble. Unlike those days, nowadays, the chances of seeing cartoon movies are abundant. There are many animated movies online that are still lingering in the minds of kids forever.