How much do you know about Paper IO game?

How much do you know about Paper IO game?

Paper IO is getting popularity among gaming lovers. People adore this simple and fun game. But, how much do you know about this game? If not much, then this article is for you. Here, we will try to understand this amazing game. Visit this link to play paper io 2.

What is Paper IO?

Do you remember the classic snake game from old Nokia? Well Paperio game is something like that but with much more advanced features. Conquer terrain by killing your rivals.

At this point in life, when the technological advancements are at its peak, a game with such a simple and basic design means that the game has to be worth it. Paperio is a game made from simple geometric designs (stripes, rectangles, and squares) and four primary colors. A curiosity with a retro air – is the pillar of this game.Click this link to play paper io 2. 2

How to play?

Paperio comes to be a mix between the mythical Snake of the Nokia-brick and the Volfied arcade that Taito launched in 1989, but in a much, much, much more simplified version. The objective is to conquer 100% of the territory, appropriating the no man’s land, or also taking it away or killing the other players. With your little square you are adding rectangle by rectangle of the space with the route that you are marking until you return home, being careful not to collide with the edges of the board, although you can “eat” the space claimed by another participant.

Competition is high

Each player’s weak point is their tail: if they touch you, they have killed you and you will have to start over. And you will have to start the game over and over again, because the games are fast and, unless you are an agile and sharp. Strategy is essential. And also, patience.

After each game a summary is made in which they indicate the terrain conquered, the time you have lasted playing, your points, your best score so far. There are tons of gameplays that you can see to get the world record, but you will need, above all, patience and many, many games. So, if you are gaming lover and want to try new things often, then this game is definitely for you. Playing this game, you will get a refreshing, retro taste which is generally not found in today’s games.

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