Knowing About The 5th JoJo Giorno Giovanna

Knowing About The 5th JoJo Giorno Giovanna

The JoJo Bizarre Adventure is an iconic manga series that would probably love the most by the girls. Although boys were hooked up with this manga, still girls are into this kind of adventure that makes their teenage and adult life dream more of fantasy adventures. Giorno Giovanna, the 5th JoJo with the Gangstar character doesn’t have a serious look. Instead, it looks like a chick-magnet, making girls hooked up with this image. Watch this article to know more about Giorno, being the strongest JoJo character.

With the good looking chick-magnet guy character of Giorno, you will know more about him, and why he belongs to the top-five most favorite of this manga’s author.

Giorno is a rock-lover

Perhaps, you are aware of Giorno’s look with his Japanese Desert hairstyle based. You would come up with an idea about his identity. With his metal style clothes, Giorno loves Rock ‘n Roll. The Living legend guitarist Jeff Beck is his favorite musician, who played Yardbirds. Based on the hairstyle and clothing of Giorno, it is a certified fashionista. But some JoJo characters are also a fashionista. He is fond of Octopus salad and chocolate pudding.

What is Giorno’s real identity?

Did you know that Giorno Giovanna is not his real name? Yes, if you have not missed the start of Part 5: Vento Aureo, you are aware that Giorno is not his real name but Haruno Shiobana. The bloodline of Giorno is mixed Japanese and Italian, with his Japanese mother and Italian father. His mother got married to another Italian man when he was 4 years old. During that time, it was then that he changed his name to Giorno, he changed his identity wholly to an Italian.

 The Joestar bloodline

For the viewers’ knowledge that Giorno’s actual father is Dio Brando, no, it is not. Dio conceptualized Giorno, in a one-night stand, with Jonathan’s body. Therefore, Giorno is a Joestar. He is Jonathan’s son but his personality and powers have hints of Dio Brando. Although it happened that Dio Brando is not his gene father, he loves Dio.

He is a good guy

With the identity of Giorno, some say that he is evil. But, some say he is a good guy. With the Gangstar identity, he is not evil. With the Joestar blood that runs in his veins, he is not that wicked. In this early childhood, he defended a local mafioso that made him righteous.

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